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According to the National Institute on Health (NIH, 2018), of the 20.3 million adults in the United States with substance use disorders, 39.7% have a co-occurring mental health disorder.  And furthermore, the NIH reports that only 9.1% of persons with co-occurring conditions, received treatment for both.   

Since 1995 Oakdale Recovery Center has been providing specialty services for men and women with co-occurring disorders (COD).  

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While there is no separate unit for persons identified as meeting COD criteria.


Additional services are incorporated into the treatment plan of persons with a COD.  We are prepared to address the broader scope of needs presented by persons with co-occurring disorders, including:


  • Staffing psychiatry and psychiatrically trained nurse practitioners

  • Nursing staff are trained to understand and administer psychotropic medications 

  • The availability of psychotropic medication on-site

  • Staff training in trauma-informed care, identification, and management of suicidality, behavioral management, and general mental health conditions

  • Therapeutic group services integrated into Oakdale’s clinical schedule focused on the needs of persons with both substance use and mental health conditions. 

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