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Our 45-bed, co-ed, 24-7 medically monitored, short-term Residential treatment program, meets the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level of care criteria, 3.5, clinically managed high-intensity residential services for adults.  Our residential services provide 24-hour care to stabilize multidimensional medical, behavioral, and social impairments and barriers, to prepare individuals for outpatient treatment. Persons admitted to residential care are able to physically and emotionally tolerate and use the resources of Oakdale’s treatment program. 

Residential staff include clinical therapists, case managers, peer recovery coaches, milieu support aides, nurses, and physicians with addiction and mental health training and expertise.   

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Each residential treatment day includes: 

  • Three 90-minute therapeutic groups

  • Daily structured, recovery-oriented activities

  • Scheduled breaks for relaxation and socialization

Treatment planning and reviews, discharge planning and coordination, individual and family meetings are scheduled with an assigned primary therapist, as needed, throughout the admission.  

Other opportunities include: 

  • Individual and group meetings with our dietician

  • Participation in weekly Art Therapy

  • Smoking cessation education, groups, and aide

  • Computer lab for Computer Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT4CBT)

  • Employment searches and training opportunities with on-site Michigan Works representatives

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