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Our Medical Withdrawal Management (MWM) treatment unit meets the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level of care criteria, 3.7, medically monitored intensive inpatient services withdrawal management for adults.


Our 10-bed, co-ed, Medical Withdrawl Management (also known as detox) service provides 24-hour nursing care in an intimate setting with a physician’s availability on-site or on-call.   Persons needing this level of care require individualized monitoring and medication to safely and successfully withdraw from a substance.   Persons in this level of care frequently experience subacute medical and emotional, behavioral, or cognitive problems requiring personalized 24-hour professional monitoring. 

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Supervised by our Addictions Board Certified Medical Director, Oakdale is committed to employing the latest advancements in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) throughout the Medical Withdrawl Management process.  Our Medical Director is supported by nurses, nurse practitioners, case managers, peer recovery coaches, and milieu support aides.  Each MAT is individualized, requires assessment of concomitant medical conditions, supports for maintenance, and motivation for continuation of treatment. 

Opportunities for therapeutic group engagement, individual and family meetings, and aftercare planning are individualized based on need and medical stability.  

Oakdale is a free-standing, non-hospital-based treatment facility.  The patient’s concomitant current and historical medical conditions are assessed upon entry for service appropriateness.  Oakdale maintains a relationship with Beaumont Wayne Hospital for acute care medical interventions needs arising at admission and or during the treatment stay.

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